Local products on display at Uncapped 2018


The second edition of Uncapped was hailed a huge success with over 60 booths on display and a significant turnout compared to the exhibition’s inaugural year.

Organised by the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) with major sponsorship from ExxonMobil and the Ministry of Business, this agro-processors exhibition is aimed at showcasing the variety of products that are being produced locally.

Products on display ranged from food items such as powdered seasonings, jams, chips, and condiments to crafts such as jewelry, dolls, ornaments, and cosmetics such as shampoos, soaps, and essential oils.

Some of the dolls on display.

Rodiekah Defreitas, a young entrepreneur, used the ‘Uncapped’ platform to launch her line of local spices under the brand ‘Diekah’s’.

Using fresh spices like paprika, chili, cumin, and turmeric, Defreitas created her own brand of unique flavours such as the fish and chicken seasoning, garlic powder, all-purpose seasoning, and the perfect mixtures for fried rice, cook-up, and chowmein.

Diekah’s Spices.

Denise Grant, whose business has been established for about eight years, produces soap bars, body oil and hair products – all in a range of fragrances and for various purposes.

Branded ‘D’s Body Therapy’, the soap bars come in blends of ‘turmeric and honey’, ‘aloe vera’, ‘papaya and honey’, ‘lemon and honey’, ‘oats and honey’ as well as ‘coffee and honey’. Grant said her business is forever growing as she seeks to experiment with different natural products to create organic skincare solutions.

D’ Body Therapy soaps.

Sherl Daniels, another young businesswoman, has her own line shampoos and conditioners under the brand Sherl’s Cosmetics. In addition, she makes a variety other hair products which she guaranteed can solve any hair problem.

GMSA President Shyam Nokta, speaking to the News Room as the event was winding down, said the event was definitely a huge success.

“People have been here from 10am, coming through all day, it really has exceeded our expectations,” Nokta said.

The Association’s Vice President, Ramsey Ali said he was particularly impressed with the improvements in the packaging of the local products. Ali noted that with a greater push in the right direction, local producers can tap into local, regional and international markets.

In fact, Ali urged that the exhibitors at the Uncapped Expo to participate in the upcoming event called the ‘Guyana Investment Forum’ where hundreds of Caribbean and Latin American buyers will be scouting for Guyanese products.

Meanwhile, this one-day event, which was held at the Providence National Stadium, was made possible through sponsorship from private sector businesses which saw exhibitors and the public attending for free.

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