‘Lady Jags’ made progress, says Head Coach


As Guyana prepares for the CONCACAF Women’s Qualifiers in the latter half of May 2018, Head Coach of the National Senior Women’s Football Team, Dr. Ivan Joseph, said the team’s objectives of the recently-concluded CFU Women’s Challenge Series have been achieved.

This revelation was made in an interview following the ‘Lady Jags’ final match against Trinidad and Tobago of the CFU Women’s Challenge Series in Trinidad and Tobago.

“As you would have noticed, each and every game, we had a more cohesive, more together unit going forward on the field,” said Dr. Joseph in response to whether the objectives of the team had been achieved.

“We used the week to build grit, build resilience, teach life skills and transform the lives of the people who are part of it. Those were some of the things we have done all week; getting people to stand up and talk about themselves and reinforce the best attributes about themselves and teammates, getting people to recognize and learn how different we are and yet how similar we are.”

Dr. Ivan Joseph

In summing up the tournament, Dr. Joseph said the players executed the game plan for respective matches and this sets a firm foundation of a solid team.

“When you look at those three games, you can say there was progress made. We continue to create our own chances and play the system that we were trying. Each game we played, we started a different shape and formation and asked our players to do different things and each and every time they responded appropriately and we were able to execute the game plan. That’s a very firm foundation of a solid team that is coachable and will be able to execute.”

Commenting on the way forward, Dr. Joseph said the team is exploring adding some new players to the squad for the CONCACAF Qualifiers.

“May is one step in our long-term plan. We will be looking to bring in some new bodies. We had no true defensive centre-mid and no true defensive centre-back in the CFU Women’s Challenge Series; we are still looking for a right combination and fit in those three spots. People were able to perform them admirably but it’s still not our best players in those spots and that’s where the future will look for.”

Guyana will host Group E of the CONCACAF Qualifiers and will play Bermuda on May 23, Suriname on May 25 and Barbados on May 27 at the National Track and Field Centre, Leonora. All matches are scheduled for 19:30h.

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