Global Shapers host fundraiser for signature projects


One of the most vibrant groups of community changers in the country has hosted its first fundraising activity and the funds generated will be used to support its signature projects.

Global Shapers Georgetown Hub hosted its Women’s Mega Mixer event Thursday night at Palm Court.

It was a fundraising activity as well as an opportunity for women to network and share their experiences and viewpoints on empowering women.

One of the shapers, Cassandra Jaikaran explained that the community organizes projects that evoke change in underdeveloped communities.

When the Georgetown Hub was formed in 2011, the group launched its signature project called ‘Headstart’ which was a stationary drive for children in the hinterland.

However, Jaikaran explained that when the group did their needs assessment of those communities, they realised that the children needed much more to support their educational pursuits – such as meals and transportation.

Over the years, the project has evolved and now the shapers do more than just a stationary drive.

Their other hallmark initiative is called Project Kind which is an anti-bullying campaign. Jaikaran explained that the shapers visit schools that are vulnerable to aggressive behaviour and host empowering sessions with the students.

Global Shapers Incoming Curator, Nadine Gilbert

Global Shapers Incoming Curator, Nadine Gilbert told the gathering that this year, the community wants to focus more on women’s empowerment.

The Georgetown Hub started with less than ten persons and over the years, it has grown into a diverse platform for young men and women to make a difference.

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