Let’s support players- BCB president

- Foster disappointed by GCB’s head comments on Beaton


Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) president Hilbert Foster on Thursday called on administrators to support players and not ‘push them further down the tunnel’ when they suffer setbacks.

In a detailed statement, Foster made direct reference to comments made by Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Acting President, Fizul Bacchus, in relation to the suspension handed down to fast bowler Ronsford Beaton.

The Guyana and West Indies player was suspended for a suspect bowling action, after being called during the ODI series against New Zealand last December.

In an invited comment in one section of the press, Bacchus reportedly said Beaton should take full blame for the predicament.

“It’s simple. Beaton never listened to the Essequibo Cricket Board or the Guyana Cricket Board. You can’t talk to Beaton. He never listens to anyone. He’s just not a disciplined player,” Bacchus reportedly told the Guyana Chronicle. “While I am totally sorry for him (Beaton), I will not blame anyone but Beaton himself.”

Foster said he is disappointment by the statement, noting that “leaders should be compassionate and respectful to those who we represent.”

“It is simply unbelievable that the acting President of the Guyana Cricket Board would push Ronsford Beaton further down the tunnel when all be needs is love, compassion and a helpful hand to overcome what is surely a temporary setback,” Foster related.

“I am in total shock that a national cricket leader would attack a West Indies player and say that you cannot talk to him. Respect is earned over a period of time; if a player has your full confidence and respect you, he would talk to you. In this modern world where youths have more independence than the past generations, leaders have to show love, compassion and most importantly respect the opinions of youths,” the BCB head further pointed out.

He added, “We must show patience when they are quick to react, to show compassion when they needed it and as a cricket administrators we must always put their development ahead of our own agenda. Our mission must be service to them and not the other way around. Cricket administrators when they leave their positions must be remembered for making positive differences and not for any selfish motives.”

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