More bodies of Guyanese fishermen found


Authorities in Suriname are still searching for Guyanese fishermen who were attacked and thrown into the high seas last weekend, as Guyana and Suriname finalise arrangements to honour the dead.

Authorities widely believe that the men were attacked due to an ongoing feud between the fishermen.

On Friday morning, Surinamese media reported that the Maritime Police and the Coast Guard recovered two more bodies, believed to be Guyanese fishermen who were beaten, chopped and thrown overboard off the coast of the Dutch-speaking nation last Saturday.

The two bodies were transferred to a morgue in the capital Paramaribo and up to news time remained unidentified.

The Police have called on relatives to produce details about the missing men so identities can be established.

A dozen fishermen, most believed to be Guyanese went missing when a gang attacked four fishing boats.

Five of the men are known to have survived by swimming ashore.

At a Police Station, there was confusion as scores of fishermen gather to see the suspects Police have arrested as they probe what President David Granger called “a great massacre, a great tragedy.”

Seven persons were arrested in Suriname, including a man seen flouting guns and cash on his Facebook page.

In Guyana, Police in Berbice confirmed that they are interviewing four persons in connection with the pirate attack.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon told the News Room that authorities in Guyana and Suriname are finalising arrangements to honour those who have died.

This could include declaring a day of national mourning with the Guyana flag being flown at half-mast at public buildings.

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