Seven arrested in deadly pirate attack


Surinamese Police have arrested a total of seven persons in connection with the April 27, pirate attack on the high seas where four boats with a combined crew member of 20 fishermen were attacked, beaten and dumped overboard with heavy objects attached to their bodies and left to die.

Arrested in Guyana – Nakool Manohar called “Fyah”, brother of Somnauth Manohar who was gunned down in March.

Five persons have so far survived the horrendous ordeal, while a total of four bodies recovered.

According to information from reputable sources in Suriname, the suspects were recognized as being among the pirates who wreaked havoc at sea in an act that described as “revenge”.

Survivor, Sherwin at a hospital in Paramaribo, Suriname

Earlier on Thursday, News Room reported the arrest of another suspected pirate who was allegedly recognized by other fishermen and handed over to the Police in Niew Amsterdam, Paramaribo.

Meanwhile, as the investigation intensifies, the Police in B Division, Corentyne, Berbice have arrested several persons for questioning.

Among them is Nakool Manohar called “Fyah”, a businessman of Number 43 Village. He is the brother of Somnauth Manohar, 50, the man who was gunned down in Suriname on March 30.

It is suspected that the pirate attack is revenge for the murder of Manohar.

Survivors recounted that on the night they were ambushed, the only intention of the pirates was to “kill”.

Family members of the Berbice businessman claim he was wrongfully arrested and that he has not been directly involved in fishing work for over 10 years.

Rather, they said he is the owner of several fishing boats that ply the sea where he would sell his catch to persons involved in the fish export business.

Meanwhile, the fifth survivor who was rescued on Thursday is said to be recovering well.

According to a source close to the man, he remains hospitalized but he is now conscious and eating.

“We haven’t asked him anything yet because we want to give him some time. He went through a lot but we are extremely happy he’s is alive,” the source stated.

He was found in a swamp with severe injuries to the body days after he was beaten and thrown over board.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the remaining 12 men who are all believed to Guyanese.

Missing: (L-R) Ganesh Beharry, Ramnarine Singh, and Rajkumar Bissear
Missing (L-R) Sunil called Paddock, Ralph Couchman and Bharat Heralall







Missing are: Ramesh Sanchar, 50; Glenroy Jones, 20; Tilaknauth Mohabir, 50; Ralph Anthony Couchman,19; Rajkumar Bissessar; Ganesh Beharry; Bobby Ibrahim; Sunil also known as “Podock”; Ramnarine Singh; Bharat Heralall; Randy Burnette; and Olenski Maxwell.

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