Jeffrey, Tenpow, Persaud rule Georgetown Grand Prix


By Avenash Ramzan

Kristian Jeffrey, Jeremy Tenpow and Mikhail Persaud had a love affair with the chequered flag on Sunday, securing unblemished records in their respective category at GT Motorsports’ Georgetown Grand Prix.

The trio was simply unstoppable in their events, rising above the challenges posted by their respective competitors to walk away with the maximum number of wins.

Kristian Jeffrey (centre), Stefan Jeffrey (left) and Steven Nobrega gave the crowd lots to cheer about

Jeffrey, by far the most experienced driver on show, had to dig deep into his reservoir of knowledge and expertise to stave off the challenge of cousin Stefan Jeffrey and Steven Nobrega in the Easy Cup Super.

The three drivers put on a show for the Sunday afternoon crowd, with three closely fought races that tested their mettle. K. Jeffrey prevailed in all three races to cop the champion driver accolade, while Nobrega got two seconds and a third, and S. Jeffrey finished with one second and two thirds.

Jeremy Tenpow is flanked by Nathan Rahaman (left) and Paige Mendonca

2017 Sun Burst Kids Cup champion Jeremy Tenpow of Pure Racing continued his dominant showing, brushing aside the competition in all three 60cc races, leaving perennial rival Nathan Rahaman to settle for second on all three occasions.

Jeremy’s brother Justin copped two third place finishes, while Paige Mendonca, the lone female competitor, took third in the first race.

Mikhail Persaud (left) and mechanic Brian Tenpow display the trophies in front of their sponsor’s banner

Persaud ruled the 125cc Senior category, taking the chequered flag at the end of each race, which made him an automatic choice for champion driver. Matthew Phang finished second in all three races, while Raymond Baksh, Kristian Boodhoosingh and Zachary Boodram got a third place finish each.

Other champion drivers of the day were Ben Phang in the 60cc Baby Cup, Rayden Persaud in the 125cc Juniors, Shan Seejatan in the 125cc Masters and Dharmendra Dharmo in the Easy Cup Rookie. (See tabulated results below)

Georgetown Grand Prix- May 6, 2018


Category Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
60cc Baby Cup Ben Phang Nicholas Sawh Ben Phang
Nicholas Sawh Ben Phang Nicholas Sawh

Champion driver: Ben Phang


Category Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
60cc Kids Cup Jeremy Tenpow Jeremy Tenpow Jeremy Tenpow
Nathan Rahaman Nathan Rahaman Nathan Rahaman
Paige Mendonca Justin Tenpow Justin Tenpow

Champion driver: Jeremy Tenpow


Category Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
125cc Juniors Rayden Persaud John Phang Rayden Persaud
Mikhail Persaud Elan Rahaman Mikhail Persaud
John Phang Mikhail Persaud John Phang

Champion driver: Rayden Persaud


Category Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
125cc Seniors Mikhail Persaud Mikhail Persaud Mikhail Persaud
Matthew Phang Matthew Phang Matthew Phang
Raymond Baksh Kristian Boodhoosingh Zachary Boodram

Champion driver: Mikhail Persaud


Category Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
125cc Masters Haniff Mohamed Shan Seejatan Mahendra Boodhoo
Mahendra Boodhoo Ralph Persaud Ralph Persaud
Shan Seejatan Marcel Profitt Shan Seejatan

Champion driver: Shan Seejatan


Category Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
Easy Cup Super Kristian Jeffrey Kristian Jeffrey Kristian Jeffrey
Steven Nobrega Steven Nobrega Stefan Jeffrey
Stefan Jeffrey Stefan Jeffrey Steven Nobrega

Champion driver: Kristian Jeffrey


Category Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
Easy Cup Rookie Dharmendra Dharmo Zack Persaud Dharmendra Dharmo
Naresh Alves Naresh Alves Sachin Narine
Zack Persaud Sachin Narine Naresh Alves

Champion driver: Dharmendra Dharmo

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