Hadfield St. fire victims seek help


A family of eleven is considering their next move after a fire, which is suspected to be electrical in origin, completely destroyed their two storey wooden home at Lot 69 Hadfield Street, Georgetown on Monday afternoon.

Lawrence D’Arella told News Room he left his 14-year-old daughter with his two grandchildren –aged seven months and one-year-old – at home and went a short distance away to collect his bicycle when he heard persons shouting “Fire!”

Lawrence D’Arella

“When standing there with a few friends, we overheard that ‘Fire in Hadfield Street’. When me and my friends run around here is just to watch everything just go,” D’Arella said.

The man’s 14-year-old daughter told investigators that she left her nephews looking at television in the living room and shortly after, glanced over to see fire on the wall. She then grabbed the two children and exited the house.

D’Arella said his daughter also attempted to put the fire out with a mug of water but had to be cautioned against re-entering the house.

Firefighters arrived promptly on the scene and were able to put out the fire before it destroyed nearby buildings.

However, a second house was also scorched from the flames.

The second house which was scorched

Meanwhile, his reputed wife, Karen Hall, was not at home when the incident occurred; however, she said she thanked God for saving her family.

She is now seeking assistance in getting a place to live.

Karen Hall

“Everything I lost…I got papers there where I went into housing to get land, if they could give me just a piece of land to build a roof over my head, that’s all… I could work, I got life and I could work and get things, all I want is a shelter, that’s all,” the woman pleaded.

The family is currently residing with one of her sisters, but Karen noted that she cannot stay there for too long.

The family can be reached on telephone numbers; 648-5924 or 603-7356.

(Bibi Khatoon)

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