Triangular love affair ends deadly, suspect threatens to commit suicide


A 40-year-old Taxi Driver of Lot 915 South Amelia’s Mackenzie, Linden was last night murdered in his bed in the presence of his reputed wife.

News Room was told that the man, Claude DeJonge called ‘Sonno’ was stabbed to death by his reputed wife’s ex-lover, 34-year-old Corwyn Aurther known as ‘Cross eye’ also of Linden.

Dead; Claude DeJonge called ‘Sonno’


Police are on the hunt for the suspect, who has since gone into hiding; News Room understands that the man called his family and expressed remorse for what he did and told them that he will take his life by consuming a poisonous substance.

Information reaching News Room revealed that DeJonge shared a common law relationship with 35-year-old Tanya Samuels for about 11 years and would be back and forth between her Lot 1074 Cinderella City Mackenzie, Linden home and his home.

Reputed wife; Tanya Samuels

However, during this time, it is alleged that the woman also shared a relationship with the suspect which she ended in December 2017. Following the separation, the News Room was told that suspect, ‘Cross eye’ would still visit the woman’s home “as a family friend.”

On Wednesday night, it is reported that the suspect visited the home while smoking marijuana and saw DeJonge there. It is alleged that DeJonge asked ‘Cross eye’ to leave but an argument erupted and DeJonge called the police.

The suspect then left but reportedly texted DeJonge and threatened to make his life a living hell.

News Room understands that at approximately 00:10 hrs, DeJonge was asleep with his reputed wife when the suspect gained entry through an open window and confronted him in the bed.

The two ended up in a fight during which the suspect dealt DeJonge three stab wounds with a knife while allegedly shouting: “I gone kill you, I want you soul, me gone murder you”.

Samuels witnessed the entire ordeal and started to scream but was allegedly threatened by the suspect who told her: “Is you cause that, I want he head, I get poison to drink when I done”.

According to information reaching News Room, she was grabbed by the suspect took her out of the house and told her not to tend to the victim.

Police arrived at the scene and found DeJonge motionless next to the front door in a pool of blood, with stab wounds to his neck, left shoulder and his abdomen.

He was taken to the Linden Hospital Mortuary.

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