31 persons killed in road accidents; 20 caused by speeding


The Guyana Police Force Thursday reported that 31 persons have been killed in road accidents for the year so far, with speeding accounting for a majority of the deaths.   

Of those fatal accidents, 20 resulted from speeding, three resulted from speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol. The Police listed four deaths as a result of passengers crossing in the path of an approaching vehicle, three for inattentiveness and one for failure to conform to signs. 

The overall figure represents an 11 percent decrease when comparing the same period last year.

Serious, minor and damage accidents also showed decreases of 13.3%, 44% and 25% respectively, Police stated.

For the year thus far, the Police reported that 29,064 cases were made out for various offences.

These include:

Speeding                                                                                 6,039

Breach of Condition of Road Service Licence/Music            1,304

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol                                    615

Using Cell Phone While Driving                                               293

Breach of Traffic Light Signal                                                   440

Tinted Motor Vehicle                                                             1,056

Unlicensed Driver                                                                      581

Fail to Wear Seat Belt                                                             2,455

Dangerous Driving                                                                     274

Careless Driving                                                                        273

Fail to Wear Safety Helmet                                                       294

Overloaded Minibus                                                               1,002                                                  

Obstruction                                                                                690                                                     

Fail to Confirm to Sign                                                           1,698

Crossing Double Yellow Line                                                1,110


The above figures represent 18, 124 cases while there were 10, 940 other offences recorded. 

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