Bandits stole gun from Security Guard before Durban St robbery


One of the gunmen killed by police on Friday was found to be in the possession of a 9mm pistol which was stolen from a security guard attached to KGM security services.

News Room understands that the gun was stolen from the security officer at about 01:30hrs on Friday, hours before the gunmen attempted to use the weapon to rob a variety store at Durban and Hardina streets, Georgetown Friday morning.

They two men were later identified as 26-year-old Trevor Barrow called ‘Budda’ and 31-year-old Calvin Dover. Barrow was shot and killed by the businessman he attempted to rob.

Dead: Calvin Dover

Both men were armed with a .38 revolver and a black Glock 17 pistol.

According to information reaching News Room, the suspects entered the store and held the owner, 52-year-old Roy Myers at gunpoint.

The man told police that he felt a cold metal object against his right temple as he was packing goods to send to his other business at  Port Kaituma, Region One.

Two males then tried to relieve him of a gold chain, gold rings and his gold and diamond band which he was wearing at the time.

News Room understands that a loud explosion was heard outside of the store and Dover ran out of the store but his accomplice remained as he continued his fight for the loot.

A scuffle allegedly ensued and Barrow pulled out a revolver from his pants waist and squeezed the trigger but luckily for the businessman, the gun snapped.

After noticing what happened, News Room was told that the victim, who is a licensed firearm holder, reached for his gun which was strapped around his ankle and discharged several rounds killing Barrow.

News Room learnt that the explosion outside of the store came from gunshots fired by the police who were on patrol in the area.

It was related that a woman, who was at the front of the store, saw the suspects entering the store and pointed a gun at the victim and rushed to inform the police patrol.

The police stopped and saw Dover running out of the store while discharging several rounds. The ranks returned fire and allegedly hit Dover since he was found via a blood trail by police who pursued him.

Dover was cornered at a house on Bent street, Worthmanville and fired at the police which led to an exchange of gunfire during which he was killed.

News Room was told that relatives of the dead men are yet to identify their bodies.

At the scene of the incident earlier on Friday, one of Barrow’s aunt blamed his friends for the life he chose to live. However, the relatives refused to engage the media.

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