Chris Taylor: Self-taught trailblazer in the digital world


By Devina Samaroo

Twenty-three-year-old Chris Taylor is a self-taught trailblazer in the digital world. His passion for creative arts was ignited at a young age and through intense determination, this young man turned his hobby into a successful career.

Chris spent his younger high school days in internet cafes, creating multiple emails to download trial versions of Photoshop so he can advance his skills. Before Photoshop, however, he practised his talent on Microsoft paint and created exceptional pieces of art.

Today, he is a blossoming digital designer attracting clients both locally and internationally, but he does not want to stop there.

Chris said it is disheartening that there are no institutions in Guyana that teach digital arts and engineering; as such, he hopes to one day open a school that offers those programmes.

Before he realised his true potential, however, Chris moved through several jobs, from retail to graphics designing and animation. While he enjoyed creating designs and content for companies, this ambitious young man had bigger dreams.

“For me, I used to feel a bit miserable [at my first job] …I told myself, ‘Chris you going to work every day but you aren’t really enjoying it’.”

After he left his first job at the age of 16, he moved on to work as a Graphics Designer at Giftland OfficeMax for approximately four years until he once again got bored.

He then moved on to another company that specialises in digital designing but his creative mind needed more room to grow.

At first, he had many doubts about pursuing his passion, simply because, in Guyana, the creative industry is not where the money is.

Bur being his own boss has opened many opportunities for him and his creativity but he was quick to add that it was a lot of hard work. One of the juiciest fruits of his labour, he said, is being able to sleep whenever he wants.

His message to other aspiring digital designers is, despite the perception that the creative industry locally is not rewarding, follow your dreams.

“For myself, growing up, I wasn’t sure if there was an industry for creativity. I am sure other people are thinking the same thing, especially when your parents want you to be a doctor or lawyer. But the creative industry is alive and well,” Chris said.

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