Fatal accident at Wallerfield race track


Two accidents occured over the weekend at the Wallerfield race course in Trinidad with one incident ending in the death of a driver.

According to reports, Darin Sirju was competing in a drag race in his Lexus Altezza when he lost control of the car which crashed at high speed into a walkover at the side of the race track. He was pulled out of the wreckage of the vehicle but died minutes later.

It was reported that Sirju’s car was not outfitted with a metal roll cage which is a feature usually found in race cars to protect the integrity of the inside of the car during high impact collisions and prevent the driver from being crushed in the event of an accident.

He died at hospital at around 16:30h on Sunday. On Saturday, racer Ryan Garcia also crashed while racing at Wallerfield almost in the exact spot where Sirju crashed. However, Garcia survived the incident.

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Sports Automobile Association Fyzul Madan expressed shock over the fatal crash and said that investigations were underway by both the police and the association. (Trinidad Newsday)

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