Chaos as striking minibus operators prevent others who choose to work


For a second consecutive day, minibus drivers of Route 44 took to the streets in protest of the rapid hike in fuel and diesel prices.

But the situation escalated this morning on the East Coast of Demerara railway line when those on strike blocked the road in an attempt to prevent those drivers who chose to work.

Reports indicate that the striking minibus drivers have threatened to deflate the tyres of the minibuses with passengers.

[Dwayne Alonzo photos]
The drivers are calling for an increase in minibus fares given the escalating fuel prices.

A check at the various gas stations shows that the price has increased rapidly from $215 per litre last week to prices ranging from $230 to $250 per litre this week.

As of Wednesday, the Guyana Oil company is selling for $230 per litre while $247 is selling for Shell per litre for gasoline.

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