Teen champion cyclist battling brain tumor


By Devina Samaroo

Four months after she received her fourth gold medal from Minister of State, Joseph Harmon for her outstanding performance at the National School Championships, a 15-year-old girl from Rose Hall, Berbice is now bedridden with an illness that is life-threatening and could be cancerous.

Beyonce Ross had a thriving athletic career, having won three gold medals in October 2017. She made her family and her school, the Lower Corentyne Secondary, extremely proud. But today, she is diagnosed with a brain tumor with a high probability of being cancerous.

Beyonce Ross (left) and her colleagues at a sport event

Beyonce’s family is currently awaiting test results which will reveal whether the tumor is malignant.

In February she began experiencing severe headaches and vomiting but doctors initially treated her for a stomach virus. But Beyonce was still sick and so doctors did additional tests which revealed the dreaded news.

An MRI Report revealed that the tumor is located in the center of the brain and doctors in Guyana have already concluded that they cannot perform the surgery to remove it.

While she waits, Beyonce continues to endure severe headaches and intense pains about her body. She can hardly sit and requires assistance to do basic activities like eating, bathing and walking.

Beyonce Ross in her healthier days.

She also does not get a good night’s sleep as her headaches extreme.

Her mother, Yonette Clarke is struggling to cope with the reality of her daughter’s situation. Clarke said she still cannot believe her daughter went from a dynamic individual to a feeble being in a matter of four months.

Not only does she fear the worst, but Yonette does not know what her next move would be when she receives those test results.

Apart from getting funds to cover the hefty expense overseas surgery will require, Yonette said she does not know what would be the first step in planning for the operation.

Beyonce requires weekly trips to the clinic at the Georgetown Public Hospital to treat her symptoms but such journeys are costly and uncomfortable.

The teenager’s best friend, Aaliyah Henry longs for her to return to school. Henry and her friends visit Beyonce often and pray every day for her to recover so she can return to school.

Aaliyah Henry

Beyonce’s brother, Keith Ross, who is crippled following a motor vehicle accident three years ago, is also saddened to see his little sister in this state.

Her mother is pleading with the public for assistance of any kind, even if it’s just advice on what to do to ensure her daughter gets the best treatment for her illness.

She can be contacted on 683-6106 or 337-4456.

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