Berbice hire car drivers protest hike in fuel prices


Hire Car drivers on the Corentyne area on Friday morning staged a peaceful protest to highlight the challenges faced in light of the increase in fuel prices.

The protest was held at Port Mourant in front of the Office of the Prime Minister’s Representative in Region 6.

The drivers are calling for an immediate increase in fares for short drops from $100 to $120 and $140.

They contend that with current prices for gasoline they are operating at a loss since most of them are not driving their own cars. Even those who are operating their own cars say they find it difficult to maintain their families.

Thakur McLean, a father of five, who operates his own vehicle, said since the increase in fuel cost he has been taking home under $1,500 daily.

Meanwhile, Subhas Singh, a Hire Car driver for 8 years, said: “I prefer the price drop and return to normal so we don’t have to raise the fare because with the increase it gon mean more pressure on everybody.”


A larger protest is set for Monday.

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