Rupununi Bridge collapses, residents stranded


The bridge connecting South Rupununi with Central Rupununi has collapsed, blocking off residents from both sides from travelling.

The Yamatiwau Bridge disintegrated around 17:30hrs Friday after a lowbed transporting an excavator attempted to cross. The driver ignored procedures of off-loading heavy equipment.

There were no serious injuries.

Onlookers on scene when the bridge collapsed. (Photo taken from Facebook page of Nicholas Fredericks)

Regional Chairman, Brian Allicock told News Room that he dispatched a team to the area earlier this morning to make an assessment of the damages and to determine how fast the bridge can be rebuilt.

He explained that with the bridge destroyed, access between the South and Central Rupununi has been cut off.

Nicholas Fredericks, Toshao of the Shulinab Village in the South Rupununi, expressed on Facebook that the rainy season is the worst time for residents to be blocked off.

He also called for Indigenous leaders to be empowered to monitor the use of the roads and bridges to ensure users adhere to best practices.

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