Gang raids Cuyuni Camp, carts off with US$13M worth of gold


A gang has terrorised a mining camp in the Black Water Backdam, Cuyuni Region, leaving one person injured before they stole over US$13M worth of gold and two guns.

This incident is the third reported attack on mining camps in the area within the last two months.

News Room was reliably informed that the gang comprised of four armed and masked men who spoke Portuguese and Spanish.

The attack occurred on May 31, 2018 just after a wash down.

News Room was told that a security guard was making his way from the kitchen to the office when the four gunmen emerged from the bushes and held him at gunpoint and relieved him of his weapon.

Two of the perpetrators reportedly stood guard with the security officer while the other two made their way towards the office where the other men were stationed.

They opened fire on the workers, striking one of them on his middle finger.

The gunmen then gathered the crew and instructed them to burn the gold.

The gang members also raided the office where they discovered a rifle.

After collecting the gold and the two guns along with other valuable items, the gang escaped.

Earlier this month, four gunmen raided a mining camp at Baboon Backdam in the Cuyuni River.

Last month, a Dominican miner lost his life after three armed men invaded a mining camp at Black Water Backdam, also in Cuyuni.

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