Cathy Hughes: Liberalisation is not ‘switching on a switch’


Even as she committed to full liberalisation of the telecommunications sector by the end of the year, Minister of Public Telecommunication Cathy Hughes has said the process is not as easy as “switching on a switch.”

Speaking to reporters at the sidelines of an event Monday morning, the Minister explained that there are many issues in relation to the 1991 contract between the Guyana Government and the privately-owned Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.

She made it clear that these issues, such as taxes, have nothing to do with her Ministry and therefore, Hughes emphasized that she has done all she can on her end to ensure the sector is liberalised.

“There are so many issues which I keep explaining that has nothing to do with my Ministry. This is just not switching on a switch,” she declared.

The Public Telecommunication Minister nonetheless committed to having the sector fully liberalised by the end of 2018.

In July 2016, the Telecoms Bill was passed, paving the way for the liberalisation of the sector.

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