Dr Luncheon claims bias in selection of top GECOM staff


See below comment by Dr Roger Luncheon:

It has been brought to my attention from several sources that the PNC commissioners at GECOM are apparently engaged in a process to eliminating candidates for advertised position at GECOM secretariat.

It would seem that the PNC Commissioners are aiming at such an objective by resorting to the following:

  1. Giving low to zero scores to candidates of Indian origin who are short-listed during the interview process while providing high to 100% scores to their preferred candidates
  2. Finding extraneous reasons for eliminating top rank candidates of Indian origin from appointment to positions at the GECOM secretariat

If these disclosures are confirmed, it would reveal that the practice continues of excluding some ethnicities form GECOM secretariat.

Once confirmed the PPP condemns this practice in the strongest possible terms and will urge the aggrieved candidates to approach the ERC on the ground of Ethnic Discrimination.

Dr. Roger Luncheon

Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party and PPP Election Committee Member.

June 4, 2018

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