Guyanese companies benefit from Exxon’s investment


A large number of local companies are benefiting from ExxonMobil’s multi-billion-dollar investment in the Guyanese economy.

A list of companies was today revealed by the Department of Public Information and includes businesses involved in the transportation, legal, hospitality and food sectors along with graphic design, catering, security, accounting, auditing and media services

According to the DPI, these companies, and some individuals as well have been providing a wide range of products and services to the oil giant.

In addition, there are 27 CARICOM owned companies, 15 of which are registered in Guyana that are also engaged by ExxonMobil. Another 42 foreign-owned companies, 20 of which are registered in this country do business with ExxonMobil Guyana, DPI reported.

The Government of Guyana, last Friday, released to the Natural Resources Committee of the National Assembly, the list of 227 local companies which ExxonMobil has been doing business with for the first quarter of 2018.
This is in addition to some 309 Guyanese owned companies which ExxonMobil and its contractors engaged in 2017.

The vast majority of the companies which are benefitting most from ExxonMobil’s business comprise of Guyanese small businesses.

“It is clear that the trickledown effect is that thousands of Guyanese who are either employed or connected to these companies directly are benefitting from ExxonMobil’s presence in Guyana,” DPI noted.

ExxonMobil is required to submit to the government, on a quarterly basis, the list of companies it engages. ExxonMobil has been meeting its obligation to submit the quarterly lists to the government since the commencement of their operations in Guyana.

See the list here:  Local Suppliers

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