Man kills self after murdering wife, daughter


Police found the body of the man who killed his wife and daughter this morning at their Glasgow Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam East Bank Berbice home.

The man, identified as ‘Rado’ was found a few houses away from where the incident occurred under an old abandoned house, where he fled after committing the gruesome act.

He was found hanging by police who went in search of him.

News Room reported that the dead woman has been identified as Cameel. Her body was found with a slit to the throat in a hammock underneath the house.

Cameel’s body in the hammock

Their 21-year-old daughter, identified as Aneela, was reportedly stabbed several times.

She was rushed to the hospital in a serious condition, while her 10-year-old brother is currently in the care of neighbours.

Neighbours recalled hearing screams from the house before the gruesome discovery was made.

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