Leader of deadly pirate gang ‘Sinbad’ arrested in Berbice


Police in Berbice have arrested the man who allegedly headed the gang of pirates that attacked 20 fishermen in Suriname on April 27.

Primnauth Persaud known as ‘Sinbad’ and ‘Boy’, was arrested on Tuesday at Number 68 Village in Berbice.

News Room understands law enforcement officials have been hot on his trail since his return to Guyana following the deadly attacks on April 27.

Persaud was identified by survivors as being the leader of the group of approximately 8 men who carried out the attack on the four fishing vessels.

Primnauth Persaud known as ‘Sanbat and Boy’ in police custody

Of the twenty fishermen attacked, 12 are still missing and considered dead. Five men survived, while three bodies were recovered. They were beaten and dumped overboard with heavy objects attached to their bodies and left to die.

The attack was allegedly carried out at the behest of Nakool Manohar called “Fyah” for retaliation in the death of his brother Somnauth Manohar who was shot and killed ‪on March 30 in Suriname.

In Suriname, the police are almost complete with their investigations as several persons have confessed to their involvement in the attack including the son of Somnauth Manohar.

Among the other pirates arrested are ‘Bolo’, and ‘Crackhead’ who were positively identified by survivors.

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