6-year-old feared drowned in Pomeroon River


A search is on for the body of a 6-year-old student of the Abrams Creek Primary school after he reportedly fell into the Pomeroon River at about 11:45hrs today in front of his school.

News Room understands that Ramesh Khan of Abrams Creek, Upper Pomeroon River went to the river to wash his feet at around 11:40hrs when one of his friends, an 8-year-old, saw his two hands above the water while his body was submerged.

It is reported that Khan and the 8-year-old girl were playing under a health post which is located approximately four feet away from the school when the boy told his friend that he was going to the river, also located a short distance away, to wash his feet.

The girl told investigators that shortly after Khan left, she noticed his hands in the water and she began to scream. This alerted three teachers who were in the upper flat of the school having lunch.

News Room understands that by the time the teachers got to the area, the boy’s body was already submerged. The teachers confirmed that neither the gate to the school’s compound nor the Health post were closed at the time.

A search party was launched but has since proved futile.

The boy’s parents, Reeveka Khan and Doodnauth Khan have since been informed as the search continues.

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