Hand-in-Hand assists Max Massiah’s Hall-of-Fame journey


Hand-in-Hand Mutual Fire and Life Insurance Company is in the corner of Martial Arts specialist Max Massiah as he prepares to journey to the United States where he will be inducted into the World Karate Union (WKU) Hall of Fame.

WKU will add to a list of three Hall of Fame recognitions for the veteran.

On Friday (June 15), at its Lot 1-4 Avenue of the Republic location, the insurance company presented an undisclosed sum of cash to Massiah, who was invited to be at the induction ceremony on June 23-24 at Chateau Resort and Conference Centre in Pennsylvania.

Addressing the gathering was the company’s Business Development Officer, Savita Singh, who explained this is just one of many ways the entity fulfils its corporate/social responsibility.

Singh added that Hand-in-Hand has been a long-time supporter of Massiah and his work, and this is another assurance of their continued alliance.

Max Massiah and his Maxido students Christopher Chin (left), Leslie Sobers (second right) and Claudette Andrews strike a pose

In his appreciation for the support, Massiah, thanked Hand-in-Hand and made an appeal to other entities to do similar. He further explained that the Hall-of-Fame is for his work at the ‘Maxido’ adult self defence system, for which he is the founder and chief instructor.

According to Massiah, the system is specifically developed for adults, business owners, professionals and especially elderly and females, along with law enforcement and security.

The programme is strictly self-defence, which means student are not thought to fight but just use defence mechanisms which are four seconds and under applications of submissions, breakage and dislocation.

One of the students, former Magistrate Leslie Sobers, who is now head of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority, noted, “It is not a passive defence, it allows for immediate counter-attack. In some cases, defence seems to suggest you defend and you move away. Maxido doesn’t give anybody second opportunity to attack them; it is defence and you put an end to the assailant’s intentions.”

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