Councillors get $57M for community works


City Councillors have been granted between $4.8M to $5M to complete development projects within communities across Georgetown.

The total sum of $57,688,022 is part of the $200M subvention allocated to City Hall in the 2018 Budget.

At a press conference on Friday afternoon, Town Clerk Royston King said that the projects which will include the installation of LED lights and coordination of skills training classes, were proposals made by the elected councillors.

The projects will commence next week.

According to the Town Clerk, the council has agreed on certain guidelines for the disbursement, management, completion and evaluation of the works in the local communities.

One of those guidelines states that “50% of the workforce (where manual labour is required) should be made up of residents of the communities in which the works are executed.”

The council has appointed a special committee chaired by the Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase- Green to oversee the projects.

The other members of the committee are Chairman of the City Council Finance committee –Oscar Clarke, Councillor –Phillip Smith, City Engineer- Colvern Venture and City Treasurer (ag) –Sharon Harry-Munroe.

It was agreed by the council that the projects will be examined and approved, in writing, by the committee. Also, contractors will be paid upon examination of the projects once they meet the requirements.

Some of the works to be completed include the cleaning of alleyways, restoring of street signs, desilting of canals along with cake decorating, cosmetology and computer classes.

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