Increased gang-related robberies reported around Stabroek, Bourda markets


City police have raised concerns about an increase in gang-related robberies around the Stabroek and Bourda Market areas.

At a press conference Friday, Chief Constable, Andrew Foo said the city constabulary has received information “that there are some persons who are seasoned –old in terms of criminal elements –they’re the ones who are orchestrating these robberies. They have younger persons who are working with them.”

He said in other areas, there are persons “who are operating on CG motorcycles and they operate in pairs.”

Chief Constable, Andrew Foo

At the Stabroek market, passengers at the bus park, including school children are targeted between Fridays to Sundays and according to Foo, customers at Bourda market are targeted in the nights and early morning hours.

Foo said the City Constabulary is partnering with the Guyana Police Force to tackle the escalating crime situation in those areas.

“Our numbers are a bit limited…we’ve since opted for a joint patrol that is being done through the ‘A’ division where we have in terms of members of the police force and the constabulary, conducting patrols throughout the entire city of Georgetown,” he said.

Several persons have been brought before the courts for more than one robberies committed at the Stabroek Market area.

The City Constabulary hopes that it can help to decrease these incidences in the coming months.

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