Severe flooding in Wakenaam caused by high tide, breach in sea defence

- Remedial works being done, CDC monitoring situation


Thirty-seven residents of the villages of San Souci and Melville, Wakenaam have suffered from flooding following high tide exacerbated by a breach in the sea defence Sunday morning.

The Civil Defense Commission (CDC) and other officials are currently in the villages assessing the situation and providing support to the residents.

According to the Department of Information, there have been no reports of illnesses and the health centre is providing residents with assistance.

Director General (ag), Lt. Col. Kester Craig said the CDC will be providing cleaning supplies to residents as well as supporting the regional administration in its efforts, the statement noted.

Director General (ag) of the Civil Defense Commission (CDC), Lt. Col. Kester Craig delivers cleaning supplies to a resident. (DPI photo)

Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikaran said the regional administration responded swiftly and is presently providing support to the 12 severely affected residents.

Jaikaran believes that substandard work at the sea defence led to the situation and the contractor should stand the full cost of compensation.

Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikaran delivers cleaning supplies to a resident. (DPI photo)

The CDC Director (ag) said the region’s response is a testimony to the efficiency of the Regional Disaster Risk Management plan implemented two years ago.

He informed that the Public Health Ministry will be on standby in the event of an outbreak of vector-borne diseases.

Engineers from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure are also on the ground conducting remedial works since another high tide is expected this evening, the DPI reported.

Supplies being transported to the villages (DPI photo)
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