VIDEO: Burnham’s roti request led to lifelong cooking career for Policeman


As a young Policeman, stationed as a bodyguard for then President, Forbes Burnham, Bonny Jordan had access to the President’s kitchen and when he saw the cook doing “nonsense” with the roti, he had to object.

You see, Bonny had observed his mother carefully, and she taught him how to do a proper “oil roti.” Burnham was standing quietly at the side and once he learnt how displeased Bonny was with the roti, he challenged him to do a better one. Bonnie accepted, and Burnham, evidently pleased, decided to send him to the country’s main institution for the culinary arts.

And the rest, they say, is history.

Bonny, now 56, has been cooking for decades and recently acquired a loan from GBTI to expand his business. Cooking is how he has been a provider and protector for his family. It’s a Father’s Day story that will warm your heart.

If you want to get something from Bonnie’s kitchen, you can contact him at 218-3010 or 677-3052.

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