Phone card vendor shot dead in front home during robbery


Thirty-seven-year-old Ron Mansfield who was known as ‘phone card man’ had just arrived in front his lot 772 Westminster, West Bank Demerara home after a hard day’s work when he was confronted by armed bandit (s) who shot and robbed him of his day’s sales on Tuesday night.

Mansfield was a phone card vendor who usually plied his trade by riding around the community on his motorcycle. His wife, Anthea Mansfield, who works at GTT, was in the kitchen when she heard her husband’s motorcycle just after 8pm and knew he arrived home, however, shortly after, she also heard a loud explosion which sounded like a gunshot.

News Room understands that the woman rushed outside to find her husband lying motionless in a pool of blood about 20 ft away from his motorcycle.

The distraught woman recalled seeing a slim built male running west through a bushy playfield.

Mrs Mansfield rushed her husband to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

A bullet wound was found in his abdomen. The bandit (s) escaped with the day’s sales of Mansfield.

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