Video Update: Slain mother had sought police help after threats from husband


The conduct of ranks of the Guyana Police Force is once again being called into question and had they acted in accordance with the law, 28-year-old Tovonnie ‘Vanie’ Alexi Simmons would still be alive.

This is according to Simmons’ mother, Jacqueline Collins, who last night witnessed her daughter being brutally stabbed to death by her reputed husband, 30-year-old Imran Lyte at Limlair Village, East Berbice, Corentyne.

Collins told News Room today that four days ago – Sunday, June 17 –  the mother of four visited the Whim Police Station, East Berbice, Corentyne and asked for a restraining order against Lyte after he had stabbed her brother, Errol.

The verandah from where Simmons jumped

But the police failed to arrest Lyte for stabbing the man, even though he was in the village.

According to Collins, when her daughter realised that the police did not arrest him, she returned to the police station the same day and begged them to intervene, but they did not.

The grieving mother said that Lyte had threatened to beat her daughter several times in the past.

The couple separated several months ago and Lyte moved in with another woman in the village; however, he still tried to rekindle the relationship with the mother of his children.

But Simmons was adamant that she did not want to be with him.

Her brother, Errol told News Room that he and Lyte never shared a hostile relationship and he was shocked when the man attacked him on Sunday last.

“I was riding going by my sister when I was suddenly attacked by he. Is just so he start juk me up with the bottle,” Errol recalled.

According to the young man, when Lyte stabbed him, he recalled him saying: “Is long ah get all y’all in meh mind.”

The stab wounds that Errol sustained

“My daughter ran for her life”

Meanwhile, the distressed mother told News Room that on Wednesday night, at around 11pm, Lyte visited her home to discuss how to settle the matter for the sake of their children.

The mother said that everything appeared to be going well as the two sat closely together.

But tragedy struck when she heard her daughter screamed. Collins said her daughter jumped on top of her and she pushed her off when she saw blood oozing.

“She ran towards the verandah and I see Imran run after her but she jump off. I tried to hold him back but couldn’t so I just scream run Vanie! Run!.”

In tears, the woman said her daughter ran for her life, but he caught up with her and slit her throat.

Lyte subsequently ingested a poisonous substance and is currently in a stable condition at the Port Mourant Hospital.

Their children are age eight, six and twins three years, seven months.

Simmons worked as a vendor and sold her vegetables throughout the community.

Tovonnie Alexce Simmons and her reputed husband, Imran Lyte in happier times
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