Landlord shoots fmr. tenant who tried to set him on fire


A 42-year-old man Friday morning discharged several rounds at a former tenant who tried to set him on fire.

The tenant, Chezley Tyndall, 50, confronted his former landlord, John Ramanand at a store on Regent Street when the incident occurred around 9:00hrs.

News Room understands that Tyndall poured gasoline on Ramanand and threatened to “kill yuh mothersk**t today”.

As he reached for his lighter, Ramanand, who is a licensed firearm holder, pulled out his gun and discharged several rounds.

Tyndall was shot to his left hand and left foot.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after and escorted the man to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Ramanand was taken into custody and his firearm lodged.

Investigations are ongoing.

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