“Many people have a problem with my leadership”- Jagdeo


Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo has acknowledged that his “leadership style” is not acceptable by a number of the party’s older members.

At a press conference on Thursday, the Opposition Leader said “many people have a problem with my leadership style,” when asked to confirm reports that the ‘old guards’ of the PPP are not satisfied with his leadership.

However, Jagdeo said he is convinced that what he is doing is good for the party and still has the support of the majority of the party’s top leadership.

“You can’t get 100% to like you,” the former President said.

As it relates to the way he manages the party, Jagdeo said his principle includes identifying persons who are exhausted and replacing them with those who are vibrant and ready to move the party forward.

The Opposition Leader implied that is what some members of the PPP do not appreciate.

“If you’re spent, there is a place for you but you shift down a bit and allow others to emerge and be new leaders. And you can be spent as a young person or as an old person,” Jagdeo said.

He told the media that while some members may have to shift down, they remain valuable to the party.

“There may be occasional concerns about that but we have no choice but to do that for the sake of the future of Guyana, future of our party, we have to get the older comrades to see their responsibility as incubating another generation of leaders, bringing in young people.”

In his vision for the party, Jagdeo highlighted that he also wants to see more women moving to leadership positions since they are under-represented. He also urged more Afro-Guyanese to join the PPP.

“For me, one thing is important for the party –I got an opportunity as a young man from this party and that this party continues to appreciate professionals, continues to give young people room to grow,” Jagdeo said.

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