CMRC: Mark Vieira, Matt Truelove make clean sweep


Guyanese Mark Vieira and Matt Truelove of Team Mohamed’s of Guyana had a flawless weekend, making a clean sweep of their respective category at the second leg of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship in Trinidad and Tobago.

Competing at the Wallerfield Raceway, the duo was simply unstoppable, clocking fastest times in qualifying and beating their competition in the three races.

Vieira, making a return to the sport after a brief time out, ruled the Group Four competition, while Truelove won all three Superbike races, and also broke the lap record at the venue.

Matt Truelove

According to reports, there was an accident in one of the Group Four races, involving Guyanese Andrew King, Jamaican Doug Gore and another competitor.

It is understood Gore’s Audi received extensive damage.

Biker Matthew Vieira and Sharima Khan, on her maiden overseas tour, were the other Guyanese who competed. Vieira bagged an eighth and fourth, while Khan had a seventh and two fifth place finishes.

News Room will provide more information on the championship as it becomes available.

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