CCJ’s third term decision consistent with Guyana’s constitution – AFC


The Alliance For Change says it believes that the ruling handed down by the Caribbean Court of Justice this morning on the Presidential term limit is consistent with the Constitution of Guyana and what it intends.

See full statement below:

The Alliance For Change believes that the decision of the Caribbean Court of Justice in the case of the Attorney General of Guyana vs Cedric Richardson is consistent with the Constitution of Guyana and what it intends. Presidential term limit is an essential feature of modern democratic societies to which Guyana has subscribed and we must not be bullied into regression to satisfy the power-hungry ambitions of one man.

This decision by Guyana’s highest court reaffirms the paramountcy of the rule of law and of the sovereignty of the Parliament as it must never be forgotten that the Parliament of Guyana unanimously approved the raft of constitutional reforms that ushered in an era of inclusive governance where “winner take all” politics was dismantled.


As every Guyanese knows, this case, with Cedric Richardson used as a pawn, was about one man – Bharrat Jagdeo – and his unnatural obsession with power. This case is not about the rights of Guyanese which are protected by the Constitution, it was not about freedom of choice, it was a last ditch attempt by Jagdeo and his acolytes to shamelessly attempt to grab power through the back door. The intent was to engineer a second round of pillaging of the national treasury as he had done for the twelve years of his presidency.

This case was about Jagdeo accessing Guyana’s oil wealth and doling out the remaining oil blocks to his friends and cronies.

It was however a desperate attempt by Jagdeo and his cabal who have literally run out of options having been resoundingly rejected by the Guyanese people, who, with each passing day, are feeling more and more disconnected and estranged from the PPP.

The AFC wishes to make it abundantly clear as well, that even if Jagdeo were to run for the presidency that the party is confident that the people of Guyana would once again reject him and that he would be resoundingly defeated at the polls. Guyanese no longer wish to be subjected to the oppressive and autocratic rulership of this political despot.


Jagdeo’s legacy in Guyana is one of division and depression. During his tenure as President, Guyana collapsed into a narco-economy and became pariah state ruled by drug lords and criminal gangs to whom Jagdeo relinquished power. During Jagdeo’s presidency Guyana suffered from its most devastating crime wave – there were multiple massacres, hundreds of people were heinously slaughtered, there were dozens of kidnappings (including of a US diplomat), Guyana had become a hot-bed drug transhipment point and the people lived in paralyzing fear. Tens of thousands of Guyanese left in droves.


Confidence in Guyana has been rekindled by the Coalition Government. Guyana’s economy is being restructured on the basis of sound economic policy and revitalisation of the major sectors is underway. Guyana’s integrity and respect on the international stage has been restored. Once again Guyanese can be proud of their country and its leadership. This is a time for us to move forward in confidence, not look back in regret and return to the failed leadership of the past.

In the end, this case was won for every Guyanese, particularly the young people, and for our country’s future.


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