Businesswoman, husband robbed of over $2M in cash, valuables


Police are investigating the armed robbery committed on 37-year-old businesswoman Anansa Grimes and her reputed husband, Beniday Gonsalves at their Naamyrck, Parika Backdam East Bank Essequibo home Tuesday night.

Police said that three men, one of whom was armed with a handgun visited the couple’s grocery store earlier in the night but returned later and invaded the home just before 9pm.

The one with the gun held the woman at gunpoint while another bandit beat and kicked the husband and demanded cash and valuables.

News Room understands that the bandits stole from the businesswoman $600,000 in Guyanese currency; six gold chains valued at $350,000; two Samsung Galaxy cellphones; $300 U.S and a quantity of Digicel and GTT phone cards.

They took from the husband an ounce of raw gold valued at $335,000; $35,000 in cash; a diamond ring valued at $1M; a Plum cell phone; $120 U.S and €50.

Investigations are ongoing.

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