NGSA top performer aspires to be President


By Bibi Khatoon

This year’s top performer at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), Nalia Rahaman aspires to be an Author but she also has her mind set on one day becoming the President of Guyana.

Rahaman, a student of the Westfield Prep School, was elated today when she found out that she was not only the country’s top performer at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) at just 10-years-old but also achieved a perfect score of 529 marks.

She was awarded a place at Queen’s College – Guyana top public secondary school.

As Education Minister, Nicolette Henry listed the top performers from primary schools in the city during her announcement at the National Center for Education Resource Development (NCERD) building, the 10-year-old covered her face with her hands and tried to hold back tears when her name was called first followed by her score.

Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry with the top 15 NGSA students

Westfield Prep School is located on Parade Street Kingston, Georgetown and has been in existence for eight years. The school previously had a top student three years ago.

Rahaman later told the media that she did not expect to do this well; however, she said her prayer has been answered as it was the only thing that she prayed for during the just-concluded month of Ramadan –a month of fasting observed by the Muslim community.

She said during the examinations, which were written on March 28 and 29, the most difficult papers for her were Science paper II and Social Studies paper II.

The aspiring President admitted that she had to study a lot.

“The latest I went to bed was [10pm]. I used to wake up in the mornings and pray and then revise because I couldn’t really function revising late at nights,” the young lady said.

She acknowledged her parents who supported her 100%.

She said her mom, Nabeelah Rahaman was always there while her father, a businessman, took over the task of putting her 6-year-old brother to sleep.

Visibly proud, Nabeelah told News Room that her daughter has been a consistently good student throughout her primary life.

“It’s just amazing, a true blessing for us,” the mother beamed.

The mother said the preparation was tedious but noted that “the child wants to learn, wants to succeed and it’s also a team effort. You have to have a good relationship with the teachers and so on too.”

Meanwhile, securing the second top spot of the NGSA was Arthur Roberts of the New Guyana School. He gained 525 marks.

Arthur Roberts and Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry

He was followed closely by Kaydee Ali of Success Elementary who achieved 524 marks.

Roberts told the media that he is proud of himself as he aimed for Queen’s college, while Ali noted that she didn’t expect to do this well and her family is beyond happy.

There was a tie for fourth place as four students; Esha Lakeram of New Diamond/Grove Primary school, Cianna Barkoye of North Georgetown Primary, Zyia Brathwaite of Success Elementary and Krystal Duncan of the New Guyana School achieved 523 marks.

They were all awarded a spot at Queens College which has a cut off mark of 514. The cutoff mark for Bishops’ High School is 510, followed by St Stanislaus College at 506, St Rose’s High at 502, St Joseph High at 499 and President’s College at 495.

Krystal Duncan
Darren Ramphal
Kaydee Ali
Esha Lakeram
Cianna Barkoye
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