Ramson Jr. responds to Jagdeo

See below a statement issued by PPP Member and Presidential hopeful, Charles Ramson Jr in response to PPP Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo. 
I am not going to get into the tit for tat with Jagdeo because this tit for tat politics is destroying Guyana and it must change so the political parties have to change the way they do things.
I will also not get into this tit for tat with Jagdeo because I respect my political party and all of our members so I will never disrespect any member in public like that since good leadership demands that you protect the people you lead.


But I am responding because I want people to know that I am scared of no man … I only fear God. We are all on the same team seeking to obtain the same objective which ultimately is to change the lives of Guyanese for the better and since I believe that the programme of the PPP is better than that of any other party my objective is to get the PPP back into power.


I was never aware of any such custom and over my 10 years with the party I saw different. I saw persons make public announcements before going through a nomination process for the 2015 election and only recently one potential contestant made comments in the newspapers.


But I would like to point out that far worse has happened like persons being involved in corruption and no press conference has ever been held about it or disrespectful and childish comparisons being made.
But I do want to say this about my Generation … if you invite our generation into the process and court our support then you are going to have to be prepared to accept that we are going to be bringing fresh ideas, beliefs and way of doing things too. We respect customs but we also stand firmly for freedom, justice, openness, and fairness.

Charles Ramson Jr

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