Cops come under fire after discovering huge Ganja farm in Essequibo 

A 29-year-old man of Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast is in police custody after he tried to escape from police ranks who saw him and others at a huge marijuana camp in the backlands.
A police report noted that on Friday evening at about 16:45hrs, a party of policemen were on foot patrol in the Onderneeming Backlands in search of a wanted man when they observed a camp with a group of men.
On approaching, ranks came under fire and the men fled in the nearby bushes.
Police pursued them but only the 29-year-old was caught.
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The rank found two camps with a quantity of dried cannabis along with a quantity of groceries, kitchen utensils, two hammocks and clothing.
The Police also discovered six fields with Marijuana plants of about 8 1/4 acres with about 11,700 plants ranging between 6 inches and 7 ft in height and one nursery with about 700 seedlings.


A bottle containing two live cartridges and five.38 spent shells was also found in one of the camps.
The farm was photographed and subsequently destroyed by fire.
Investigations are ongoing.
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