NeXus Hub has big plans to develop local tech industry 

A group of young professionals in the Tech industry has launched a network –NeXus Hub Inc. – to push the growth and development of the industry in Guyana.


The initiative was launched by V75 Network in collaboration with Clinc Inc., and the University of Guyana at the Herdmanston Lodge on Friday evening.


In a room filled with techies ranging from Software Engineers, Programmers, Website Developers and Application Development Manager, there was much enthusiasm for using technology to solve some of Guyana’s major problems.


However, the issue of reliable internet connection remains a problem as it is important to get things done, especially for this group of persons.


Eldon Marks, founder and CEO of V75 solutions, noted that “infrastructure is key.”



“If we can’t have reliable connectivity, then we might as well not do what we’re trying to do in terms of boosting the tech industry.”

Eldon Marks, founder and CEO of V75 solutions 
In an interview with News Room, Marks expressed hope that the Telecommunications Ministry work assiduously to improve the infrastructure and connectivity throughout the country, as “the tech community here has world-class potential.”


Having worked in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector for many years and even lecturing at the University of Guyana for some time, Marks noted that it is important for talented individuals to remain and develop in Guyana –something which NeXus Hub Inc. will be pushing for.


The Hub will be providing an environment in the form of a physical space and an online platform for local developers to socialise and learn from each other.

A section of the gathering at the launch 
It will also initiate several “tech- movements” or events which will provide opportunities for individuals to meet and collaborate with others to develop their brands, or potential clients to expand their businesses.


“Having the right opportunities will make a world of difference,” Marks said.


The NeXus Hub initiative is a spinoff from an event called DevX which was held in 2017. DevX was an exhibition where techies were able to showcase their products.


According to Marks, it was found at that event that only 12% of the 70+ persons who participated were involved in collaborations. He said there were also low rates of innovations.


“There were a lot of service-oriented work such as websites and web apps but very little instances of innovation-centric work such as research, robotics, animation and then there was marginal global market penetration.”



“So, of those service-oriented works which we nominated, less than ten of them were for clients outside of Guyana so with those statistics, we were a bit troubled about the future of the tech industry,” he disclosed.



NeXus, therefore, seeks to address these issues.


At Friday’s launch, Local Entrepreneur and Founder of ActionCoach Guyana, Vishnu Doerga offered his services to those interested in expanding their businesses. (Bibi Khatoon)
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