Construction worker robbed at gunpoint on Alexander St.


Moments after 48-year-old Kelvin Fernandes cashed a $210,000 cheque at the Bank of Guyana on Avenue of the Republic in Georgetown, he was confronted by two bandits, who held him at gunpoint and robbed him of the money at Alexander Street.

Police said the robbery occurred at approximately 11:30hrs on Tuesday.

News Room understands that Fernandes, a Construction Worker of McKenzie, Linden, left his work site at Providence, East Bank Demerara in a bus and stopped off at the park after which he headed to the bank.

He exited the bank with the money in his pants pocket and made two stops along the way when he was confronted by the perpetrators, one of whom was armed with a gun.

Police said that Fernandes initially refused to hand over the money but the armed bandit went into his pants and took the cash. They escaped north into Alexander Street on foot.

Investigations are ongoing.

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