Family questions circumstances surrounding drowning of boys


By Bibi Khatoon

Relatives of 10-year-old Timothy Yearwood and 14-year-old Timothy Dellon Robinson are searching for answers two days after the lads reportedly drowned at the Mahaica seashore.

The body of Robinson was found in the vicinity of the Hope seashore on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) on Tuesday afternoon, 24 hours after he went missing on Monday, June 2. However, the search for the 10-year-old continues today.

Contrary to reports, Yearwood’s body was not found at the Kitty foreshore on Tuesday night. The family told News Room that they were misinformed.

Robinson’s father stood at the end of the jetty at the Unity seashore as he helps in the search of his 10-year-old nephew

When News Room visited the Mosquito Hall, Unity, East Coast Demerara home of the boys Wednesday, their mothers were fighting to hold back tears while their fathers, cousins and other relatives left to comb the seashore for Yearwood’s body.

According to the relatives, various stories are being told of what transpired on Monday when the boys and two other friends went out to play.

The family told News Room that Robinson nor Yearwood cannot swim and would seldom visit the seashore. As such, they are puzzled as to why the two cousins would go there to swim.

What is even more confusing to the family is the fact that two other friends who were reportedly with the boys did not say they drowned.

Norma Singh, Yearwood’s mother

The friends returned home on Monday and claimed that they “did not see anything.”

Norma Singh, Yearwood’s mother explained that she left the 10-year-old along with his two younger siblings with an aunt and went to work. She received a call at about 11:00hrs Monday informing her that her son cannot be found.

“None of them can’t swim and they does normally be at the corner here [pointing to the end of the street leading to the residence], they don’t go out there,” the tearful woman explained.

The aunt, Coreen Yearwood said she last saw her nephew at around 9:30hrs on Monday when he was sent to do some chores. However, she did not notice when he “slipped out.”

“I said you know, he will come because children like their playing,” but between 11:30 to 12:00hrs, a friend ran to her home with the news of the boys’ death.

Shortly after, others came bearing the same news.

Meanwhile, Robinson’s mother, Donna Scotland said she last saw her son at around 11:00hrs on Monday. She said she was not at home at the time of the incident but upon her return, she sent her nephew to look for him – the youngest of eight siblings.

Donna Scotland, Robinson’s mother

“When my nephew came back, he came back with my baby clothes…that’s when I knew something was wrong with my child,” the tearful woman recalled.

“You hearing how his cousin [Yearwood] went in water and my son [Robinson] went in a boat playing card and he saw the younger one drowning and jumped in to save him.

“Then there is a story about them playing cricket, and then there is one about the water went out and they walked out,” a crying Scotland said.

The mother said there were several other persons on the beach at the time of the alleged incident.

“Everyone saw all those things and I asked why did you not save them?” the woman questioned.

She believes that someone is responsible for the death of her child and nephew.

Robinson’s body was found by a fisherman of Hope, ECD at about 17:25hrs on Tuesday.  No marks of violence were observed.

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