“If it’s not broken, why fix it?” – Williams on PNC/R leadership


Longstanding Party Member Basil Williams today boasted about his track record as Chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R), contending that a winning team should not be changed.

Williams is up against two party favourites – Joseph Harmon and Volda Lawrence – who have publicly announced their intention to run for the second highest elected position with the party.

Williams, who has been a member of the PNC since the 1980s, believes he has what it takes to be reelected as the chairman.

He told reporters during an interview today that he is well known and he has led the party to its greatest victory, i.e. being elected into Government.

“Don’t forget this current executive is the one that took us into office and if we were good enough after 23 years to take us into Government…why after three years, when we are ready now to look for the last two years to look at reelection, why would you want to change the team,” stated Williams, who is the current Attorney General of Guyana.

He also expressed: “I am known you know, I am known. You know my work…I don’t know why y’all keep forgetting my record.”

He was referring to his pro bono work in the Rodney Commission of Inquiry, Linden Commission of Inquiry, and for the Mark Benschop treason trial and for Globe Trust members.

Williams, who has held the top leadership post since 2012, said those who want to challenge him must show their track record of achievement for the party.

He contended that there is no need to change a winning team. He added that “if it’s not broken, why fix it?”

The Party Chairman also suggested that members interested in the post of chairmanship be afforded an opportunity to have a debate on why they should be elected.

Current Vice Chair of the PNC/R Volda Lawrence and Executive Member Joseph Harmon are interested in the position.

They have both started campaigning.

Harmon has especially been making his presence known on social media.

The race for the PNC/R Chair is expected to be a tight one. The new leadership will be elected at the PNC/R Congress in August.

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