19-Y-0 blames NA hospital for death of unborn child


A 19-year old Crabwood Creek, Corentyne Berbice woman is blaming the New Amsterdam Hospital for the death of her unborn daughter on Tuesday, July 3.

Carrying the baby for a full nine months in good health, Bibi Asiyaa Hussain was admitted to the public hospital on Sunday, July 1 with labour pains and even though she complained bitterly, nurses and doctors told her she was not ready to give birth.

During an interview with News Room, the young lady said they took her to the labour room on Sunday but the nurses told her: “You time nah reach yet, go back and lie down on yuh side.”

Hussain said the pain became unbearable on Monday and she begged the nurses to help her but they continued to tell her: “time nah reach yet.”

On Monday night, Hussain said a fetal heart test was done which indicated the baby’s heart was beating and at around 9pm, she was taken to the labour room where she was once again examined and was told she is dilating at 3 CM.

With tears streaming down her face, the young mother recalled the traumatic ordeal and said she told the doctor at around 1am on Tuesday that she feels “the baby coming down,” but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

“A doctor come check on me and tell me I deh at 4 CM.

“I tell her doctor I feel like the baby coming. I want go washroom but she start holler on me and say I can’t go…. the baby is position to come down.”

At 4am Tuesday, when the doctor returned, it was discovered that there was no heartbeat from the foetus.

“She check me and then say they not hearing a heartbeat from the baby. I say what you mean because when you check earlier the baby was ok.”

An ultrasound was subsequently done at around 5:30am, and it showed that the baby died.

The young mother said she was shocked at the news. It was then that the doctor decided to induce labour.

“The doctor advised to put me on drips to bring down the baby and that was to start at 6am…after about 30 minutes into the drips another female doctor come to check and me and after she realized I was on the drips, she said that wrong.

“It would take too long because the baby dead and in me, if they wait longer it could kill me too.”

Hussain gave birth to the stillborn and named her Adena Hussain.

The young mother wants an explanation from the administration of the New Amsterdam Hospital as to what led to the death of her firstborn.

She said, she requested an audience with a doctor at the public health institution but this has so far proved to be unsuccessful.

Hussain described the treatment meted out to her as “sad and hurtful”.

News Room made several attempts to speak with the Director of Regional Health Services for a comment on the matter but it was futile.

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