Jagdeo fears potential PPP presidential candidates will be charged


General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo fears that potential presidential candidates of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) will be “targeted” by the Government.

As the countdown begins to the next national elections, political parties are in beast mode to win the public’s votes and talks about presidential candidates are at the forefront.

Jagdeo told reporters at a press conference Thursday afternoon that the Central Committee – the highest decision-making body of the PPP – will meet shortly to discuss the process of electing a presidential candidate.

But he expressed some concerns that the Government will try to tarnish the image of every potential presidential candidate by filing “frivolous charges” against them.

“They will want to deplete the leadership of the PPP. This Government doesn’t have to find much to charge people … just imagine after hearing about the tens of millions that were misappropriated, look at the nature of the charges against our Members of Parliament so far,” Jagdeo stated.

Jagdeo said it will be up to the PPP’s Central Committee to decide whether they will take this possibility into consideration in determining who to elect as the presidential candidate.

Party Member Charles Ramson Jr., 35, recently announced his availability and interest to vie against other members for the presidential candidacy.

In so doing, Ramson boasted about understanding what it means to have a family and be a leader.

At his previous engagement with the press, the PPP General Secretary, however, chided the young politician for departing from the Party’s tradition of keeping these talks internal.

Jagdeo clarified at today’s press conference that he does not have an issue with a member announcing their availability and interest for the position but with their attempt to compare themselves with other party members.

Nonetheless, Jagdeo said he has not yet spoken with Ramson on the issue.

Further, Jagdeo dismissed speculation that he silently encouraged Ramson to publicly float his availability. According to him, “one group thinks I am slaughtering the gentleman and another group thinks I put him up to this”.

Jagdeo insisted that he has no problem with young people pursuing their ambition but they have to stick to the process and principles.

“I am all in favour of giving young people opportunities; I myself was given an opportunity when I was named Minister of Finance,” he stated.

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