VIDEO: Customer robbed while making purchase at fruit stand


A woman, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, was on Tuesday robbed at gunpoint of her purse with cash and valuables while she was making a purchase at a fruit stand on Lance Gibbs Street, Queenstown, Georgetown.

News Room contacted the fruit vendor who disclosed that the customer was trailed from another location where she went to conduct business earlier.

However, the victim reportedly said she is not interested in getting the police involved since she has no confidence in them.

In surveillance footage circulated on social media, the bandit approached the woman, unmasked, and pulled out a handgun before proceeding to grab her purse while she was making a payment for her purchase.

He also grabbed the money which was being returned to the woman by the vendor.
The man then sped off with his accomplice who was waiting outside on a motorcycle.

The fruit stand which was previously located at Lot 248 Oronoque Street, Queenstown was robbed in 2016, also by a lone bandit who escaped with the vendor’s day’s sales.

That incident was also captured on surveillance cameras and according to the vendor, one person was arrested and placed before the court for that incident.

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