West Bank man beats brother to death over food


A 57-year-old porter, who is employed with Puran Brothers Disposal Service, is in police custody after he allegedly beat his brother to death for eating his food.

Dead is 61-year-old Nazir Khan known as ‘Karie’ of Lot 37 Bella Dam, West Bank Demerara.

The brother, Asgar Alli reportedly dealt the elderly man several blows to the head with the help of an accomplice known as “Ricky” on Thursday afternoon at Bella Dam.

Police have apprehended a second suspect.

News Room understands that Alli sent his brother to collect his [Alli] food and when he realized that the man did not return an hour later, he went in search of him.

Alli found his brother at a neighbour’s house and asked him about his food when the brother told him he ate it.

Police said that Alli and his friend then used their fist and feet and beat the man in the presence of the neighbour at around 6:30 pm.

However, the neighbour told them to leave his house since he did not want any fighting there.

The elderly man then sought refuge at another neighbour’s house, Kissoon Lalbeharry, where he asked to lie down and complained of feeling unwell.

Two hours later, the neighbour checked on Khan and found him motionless.

“He get stiff and he stop blow,” Lalbeharry said.

Kissoon Lalbeharry

Lalbeharry said he immediately alerted neighbours who then summoned the police.

He described Khan as an easygoing person and the village help. He explained that if anyone in the community needed something done, they would call Khan to do it and compensate him with some “small change” and “lil food”.

News Room understands that an ambulance team arrived but reportedly refused to take the man to the hospital on the grounds that he appeared dead.

The police were subsequently contacted and escorted the body to the parlour.

House where Nazir Khan was discovered dead

Khan’s friend, who is known as ‘Amar’, explained to News Room that Alli would often abuse his older brother. “He does advantage he nuff,” Amar said. Amar witnessed Alli and Ricky beating Khan and pleaded with them to stop.

A postmortem examination conducted by pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh Friday morning revealed that Khan, died from a brain haemorrhage due to blunt trauma to the head, compounded by compression injuries to the neck.

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