Enmore Hope top student aiming for judicial practice


By Avenash Ramzan

A career in the judiciary is of interest to the top student of Enmore Hope Primary School.

Krystel Darshanie Gangadin emerged the top candidate for the East Coast Demerara institution at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), gaining 516 marks out of a possible 529.

She is one of only two students from the school- Mahendra Persaud with 514 being the other- to secure a place at the prestigious Queen’s College this year.

“I want to be a lawyer,” she emphatically told News Room on Sunday.

“I want to make a change in people’s lives.”

Krystel’s cousin Savita Sukul, who is also a lawyer, has been the inspiration behind her intended career path. Krystel, who turns 12 on October 1, was outstanding at the NGSA, topping Enmore Hope Primary in both Mathematics and English.

In English she gained 128 out of a maximum 129 marks, and 135 out of a possible 136 in Mathematics.

“I was a bit surprised…,” she said on receiving the news of her achievement, noting, “I was overcome with tears of happiness and joy. I didn’t really know what to do.”

Krystel is the younger of two children for Gajadhar and Kamini Gangadin of Lot 18 Enmore Pasture. Like her parents, Krystel’s older sister Nadia has also been a driving force behind her success.

“My parents and family were every step of the way with me, also my class and lesson teachers. They made my dream a reality,” a beaming Krystel said.

Krystel Darshanie Gangadin (second right) with her family. From left: father Gajadhar, mother Kamini and sister Nadia

Krystel’s desire was to always secure a spot at Queen’s College, simply because “it’s the highest school in Guyana.”

It meant that from a very young age she had to devote significant time to studies and remain focus on achieving that goal.

“I had to go to lessons and come home very late, till 7 sometimes in the night. When I come home I also pick up my book, till 10:30 in the nights and then you have to wake up back early in the morning to do a little bit of revision, and then you to go school and it’s the same routine all over again,” Krystel explained.

Krystel’s father Gajadhar is understandably elated.

“I’m proud, but I’m not surprised because she was always doing well.”

He added, “I never had any problems with her; she’s always with her books. Whenever she comes home from lesson she would take a half hour to relax, take a shower and her meal and go back to her studies.”

Gajadhar believes parents have a significant role to play in their child/children’s academic success, noting that they should help to build on the work and effort put in by teachers.

“I think parents should be with their children and ensure they study; don’t depend on teachers alone. Whenever they come home see that they study,” Gajadhar advised.

Mother, Kamini related that Krystel was always in the habit of problem-solving, utilizing a chalkboard the family has to recap her day’s work. Kamini believes that such a practice aided her young daughter tremendously in limiting mistakes at the NGSA.

And Krystel’s advice to students: “If you have any school in mind, just study real hard and have a positive mindset.”

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