Party members are not censored – Jagdeo


General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Bharrat Jagdeo has rejected claims that he prevents other members of his party from expressing their views to the public.

In direct response to an article published in today’s Kaieteur News, Jagdeo contended that the report is just a ploy to distract the public from the controversy surrounding President David Granger’s explanation for not holding press conferences.

“You may see me come to the press conference because it’s the Leader of the Opposition press conference. [But] we have many of our members who go on [their own] programmes,” Jagdeo posited.

He said opposition member, Anil Nandlall has his programme which is aired weekly in Berbice. In that programme, Nandlall similarly speaks on a variety of issues affecting the country.

Jagdeo contended too that other Parliamentarians have their own programmes on television and radio.

He further argued that the party members write letters to the editors to be published in newspapers; Jagdeo lamented many of the letters are not carried.

In addition, the Opposition Leader said PPP members are easily accessible to the media.

“Call the Parliamentarians, so you can get a daily, not once a week, a daily feedback on any issue,” he explained.

Jagdeo even suggested that the media call the party’s sectoral spokespersons for comments on various issues such as health, education, public infrastructure or legal affairs.

Jagdeo, a former president, believes that the Kaieteur News article, which is headlined: “I don’t need other party members at my press conferences – Jagdeo”, is an attempt to distract from the Head-of-State’s infrequent media engagements.

President Granger said his busy schedule inclusive of overseas travels has kept him from having frequent engagement with the media.


But Jagdeo contended that those trips are just to rack up miles as they not bringing any benefits to the people of Guyana.

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