VIDEO: 300 affected as Kwakwani battles major flooding


More than 300 residents are affected as Kwakwani, Region Ten battles major flooding due to heavy rainfall.

Kwakwani is a mining and logging district on the Berbice River. Commercial activities are being frustrated and transportation costs have increased drastically due to the inclement weather.

Assistant Regional Executive Officer (AREO), Leola Narine told News Room that water level is as high as five feet. Mainly residents residing closer to the waterfront area are affected, she noted.

Narine said there has the community has recorded a few cases of gastroenteritis and she will be checking with the hospital tomorrow to see if those numbers have increased.

Transportation via minibuses has increased from $2000 to $3500 per person from Linden to Kwakwani.

To cross the river with the pontoon, minibuses have to now pay operators $8000 with load and $3000 without. This is up from a standard cost of $1000, Narine said.

The AREO explained that it has been raining nonstop since the beginning of May. Initially, the floodwater receded fairly regularly but for the past few weeks, water levels are rising.

(Devina Samaroo)


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